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    Fluorine-based Raw Chemical Materials
Fluorine-based Raw Chemical Materials

The full name : Tetrafluoroethylene-alkoxy vinyl ether-Copolymer; it is a kind of fluoroalkyl compound, a soluble Polytetrafluoroethylene。
English name : Polyfluoroalkoxy
Basic features : melting point is approximately 580F, density: 2.13-- 2.16 g/cc. The mechanical properties are better than those of FEP, heat-resistant up to 500F. Excellent chemical corrosion resistance, dielectric and weather resistance properties.
Application : used in molded and extrusion molded granular products, and rotational molded and coating powder products;Semi-products include films, plates, rods and tubes. Mainly used as the lining of tubular and chemistry equipments, surface of rollers, and various wires and cables.
Used in : aviation and aerospace, wire and cable, electrical and electric, semiconductor, chemical apparatus and other industries. 

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